Revival of the bygone community festival to welcome the spring.  A 1600 year old tradition brought into light and celebrated with the same rigour and vibrance.  This was another brain-child of Shatavadhaani Dr R Ganesh's which was brought into action by Abhinava Dance Company in February 22nd 2020 at Ramanjaneya Gudda, Bangalore. 

The festival featured various artists for the whole day connecting with people.  This included Indian Classical Vocals, Instrumental Compositions, Sand Art, various forms of Indian Classical dance, Folk Art, Sanskrit Discussion Forums and more.  

Abhinava also featured its new home productions : Madananjali and Pramadvane, which were inspired by the spring welcoming Madana.  Apart from the stunning costumes, props and the extraordinary music composed by Sri Praveen D Rao, these featured new movements called "Charchari" which was an innovation in itself.  

All in all it was a carnival filled with joy, laughter, beauty, colors & culture