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Running Time: 11 Minutes

Performers: Nirupama - Rajendra & Abhinava Dance Company

Availability: Currently available

Supporting Crew: 1 Lighting Operator, 1 Wardrobe crew

Sambhrama meaning celebration and thus the presentation unfolds with a large spectrum of colours and various Indian dances, each featuring elaborate costumes and jewellery that are unique and visually alluring. Indian and Thai traditional motifs are juxtaposed with enchanting Ethno-Modern musical score culminating in auspicious Sanskrit verses from the Vedas. The verses describe sharing tranquility with the universe and wishes wellness and prosperity to the world. “Sambhrama” harmonizes, heals, unites and fills the heart with visions of beauty. 

Director: Nirupama - Rajendra

Lighting Design: Rajendra

Music: Praveen D Rao

Producer: Abhinava Dance Company

For Booking : Write to or contact +91 93432 16765