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Running Time: 25 minutes

Performers: Nirupama - Rajendra and Abhinava Dance Company.

Availability: Currently available

Supporting Crew: 1 Lighting Operator, 1 Wardrobe crew


- The fragrance of Sandalwood Cinema

This out of the box choreography was performed for the opening night of the 8th Edition of Bengaluru International Film Festival on 28th January 2017 in Bangalore.

Hosted by the Government of Karnataka and the Kannada Film Chamber, the work offers a peek into the history of Sandalwood Cinema between 1935 - 2000’s. It depicts the milestones and developments in various aspects of movie making such as content, genre, music and other elements which are encompassed into a short musical feature. Music Composer Praveen Rao’s technical know - how brought together a medley of the various masterpieces of film music  along with film maker Vinod Gowda’s visuals, special art work and props created by Shridhar Hegde and thematic costumes (in black and white colour) and accessories specially designed by Rajendra are the key highlights of this work.

The choreography combined the power of classical dance with the lilting cinema melodies. 

The BEST PART of the production was the artistry of the DANCERS of Abhinava dance company whose adaptation of the mannerisms, style and expressions of film actors astonished the audience.

Director: Nirupama - Rajendra

Lighting Design: Rajendra

Music: Original Kannada film songs

Producer: Abhinava Dance Company 

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