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Running Time: 10 Minutes

Performers: Nirupama - Rajendra & Abhinava Dance Company

Availability: Currently available

Supporting Crew: 1 Lighting Operator, 1 Wardrobe crew

Nirupama and Rajendra produced a visual spectacle for the Karnataka State Anthem (Nadageethe) incorporating classical, folk and theatrical forms of dance of the state of Karnataka. Special movement vocabularies from NatyaShastra, Kathak, Dollu kunita (dancers with huge drums), Veeraghase (with swords) Kamsale(with cymbals) Nandikol (decorated pole) and Yakshagana (theatrical form) come together to enhance the visual aesthetics and soul of the poetry.

Director: Nirupama - Rajendra

Lighting Design: Rajendra

Music: Mysore Anthaswamy & Pravin Ghodkindi

Producer: Abhinava Dance Company

For Booking : Write to or contact +91 93432 16765