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Running Time: 20 mins

Performers: Nirupama-Rajendra & Abhinava Dance Company

Availability: Currently available

Supporting Crew: 1 Lighting Operator, 1 Wardrobe Manager

The enchanting ‘Madhuvanthi Tillana’ of the legendary composer Shri. Lalgudi Jayaraman is visualized with new dimensions. Madhuvanthi is a romantic raga based on the foundation eternity and colors of love.Madhu literally means honey. It is a very sweet raga with a very simple philosophy of love and romance. In this, the Tillana is treated in both Hindustani & Carnatic styles of Indian classical music with Bharathanatyam & Kathak as the two dance styles. The text at the end which is on Lord Krishna is explored as the divine ecstasy experienced by three heroines - Andal, Radha & Meerabai who were the greatest devotees of Lord.Sri.Krishna

Director: Nirupama - Rajendra

Lighting Design: T.D Rajendra

Music: Praveen D Rao

Producer: Abhinava Dance Company

For Booking : Write to or contact +91 93432 16765