Running Time: 90 Minutes

Performers: Nirupama – Rajendra and Abhinava Dance Company.

Availability: Currently available

Supporting Crew: 1 Lighting Operator, 1 Wardrobe crew

A new story, a new production, 12 excellent Narthakas (male dancers) & 22 Narthakis (female dancers) presenting the story of Padmashali. Bhaavana Muni, A sage emerges from the mind of Lord Brahma - The creator on a mission to destroy the evil Kaalavaasura and produce fabrics to the world. Lord Vishnu blesses him with 100 threads taken out of the Divine Lotus.

Director: Nirupama - Rajendra

Lighting Design: Rajendra

Music: Paveen D Rao

Producer: Abhinava Dance Company

For Booking : Write to or contact +91 93432 16765